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Need Help?

For questions about Spring Registration 2022 click on this link: 

We are aware there are many registration issues this year....a few quick fixes...first allow cookies, 2nd try on a laptop/desktop versus a mobile phone. We will get there, sorry these issues are with the league platform and they are working on it. All kids will get registered and any early discounts if you emailed during that window will be honored.

All boys and girls registrations require an MBYLL Registration. As you register you will be brought to the MBYLL page, join and/or pay the $40 MBYLL fee. Once you have paid this portion it should bring you back to your SNYL registration. This fee purchases our insurance as well as supports the league, from scheduling to training, to outreach and the jamboree.

The SNYL girls program has moved to the Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League (MBYLL) for the 2022 spring season. Several of the teams in our area have joined us in MBYLL and we will continue to play on Sundays. We will have an eight game regular season. MBYLL offers a Select program and we hope to be able to field both U13 and U15 Select teams this year. 

Scroll down to find the appropriate programs for your child(ren).