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Spring 2020 Registration:

Please read the information below before proceeding to the registration page. Spring 2020 Registration will open soon.

U7 Girls and U7 Boys ONLY:

US Lacrosse memberships are mandatory for all participants. The US lax fee is part of your user fee. If you are registering multiple players in U9-U15 please complete that process first before registering your child(ren) in U7. This is a nontravel program. We start our U7 season after April vacation. One-hour clinics are held at Blocksidge Field on Sunday mornings at 8am for both boys and girls. The U7 clinic dates for this season are: April 26th, May 3th, May 10th, May 17th, May 31st , and June 7th.

US Lacrosse Memberships Girls ONLY:

US Lacrosse memberships are mandatory for all Girls participants and girls coaches in the MBGLL the governing body of girls youth lacorsse in MA, as we purchase our liability insurance through US Lacrosse. SNYL submits a group registration using $35 of your $135 (U9) or $200 (U11, U13, U15) registration fee to renew your child's US Lacrosse Membership. Coaches are $50 and SNYL will reimburse you.

MBYLL Lacrosse Memberships for Boys ONLY:

All boys in the MBYLL (Our governing league) now have to register and pay membership dues. MBYLL is now self-insured and as a result, you now pay them $40 per player versus US lacrosse. Your total cost is $200 per player; $160 for SNYL and 40 for MBYLL (U9 is $40 and $95 respectively). As you go through our registration you will need to register and pay at MBYLL first. The SNYL registration process should bring you there then back to complete the signup. We understand this is a bit of a hassle as you have to pay two separate times, $40 to MBYLL and then $95 for U9 and $160 for U11, U13 or U15, however even though our region voted against it, the rest of the state chose a different path.

Equipment Required:

Boys: Lacrosse Stick(s), Mouthpiece, Helmet, Gloves, Chest Protector & Elbow Pads, Practice Pinnie (Given out at first practice) and Uniform. (Goalie equipment is provided) SNYL will offer a starter kit through MBYLL. Stay tuned.

Girls:  Lacrosse Stick(s), Mouthpiece, Goggles, Practice Pinnie (Given out at first practice) and Uniform. (Goalie equipment is provided)

If you need a uniform the store is OPEN

Need Help?

FAQs: Use this link if you want general information about the SNYL program.

For questions about the Spring Registration 2020 click on this link: