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Playing wall ball is one of the most important, fun and rewarding routines for every lacrosse player to practice regardless of skill level. There are many routines and variations but the most important thing is to remember you are practicing FUNDAMENTALS. Make sure you take the time to throw and catch using correct form and HAVE FUN! Below are a couple of different routines to get you going!
  • Practice with your gloves on whenever possible...you where them in games, practice with them!
  • Never play wall ball against the inside walls of your house. Stay outside and away from windows. Brick or cinder block walls work best.
  • Be respectful of other people's property and if someone asks you to stop playing you should stop. Follow up with a coach or parent to find a better spot to play.
  • Be aware of those around you!
Two Wall Ball Video's

MLL Star Ryan Powell's Wall Ball Routine


  “Stick skills are by far the most important facet of the game of lacrosse. If you spend time working on the wall and following this routine I guarantee that you will become a better player. All great lacrosse players have spent hours and hours on the wall. Now that you have the program, it’s up to you to find a wall and get started. Good Luck!”

-Ryan Powell #22
For Best Results:
  • Find a flat brick or concrete wall at least 10 feet high, the longer the better
  • Every drill that you do - do it with both hands
  • Always wear gloves when you are performing your routine - you play with gloves so why not practice with gloves
  • Stand 5-7 yards away from the wall   
  • Perform this routine at least 4-5 times per week
  • Each routine should be at least 20 minutes in length- if you finish all drills in less than 20 minutes, repeat drills starting with the drill that challenged you the most
  • Listening to music always helps me work harder, so crank up the tunes!
  • Have fun!
Lacrosse Wall Ball Drills:
  • Quick stick – 50 right, then 50 left (no cradle)
  • One hand quick stick- 50 right, then 50 left (no cradle)
  • Quick stick- change hands each time you throw the ball while the ball is in the air- 50 right, then 50 left ( no cradle)
  • Both hand catch and cradle- 50 right, then 50 left (one quick cradle)
  • One hand catch and cradle – 50 right, then 50 left (one quick cradle)
  • Face dodge- catch-face dodge-throw- 50 right, then 50 left
  • Split dodge- throw right, catch right, split dodge to left hand, throw left, catch left, split back to right hand- 50 right, then 50 left
  • Cross handed- 50 right, then 50 left- “cross handed” means stick in right hand on the left side of body, or stick in left hand on right side of       body (one quick cradle each time)
  • Behind the back- 50 right, then 50 left
  • Develop your own drill (Be creative and make sure you use both hands)