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A Short History

In 1991 former UMass lacrosse player Rick Anderson along with his friends Tom
Cesarz and Mark Bagnall put together a group of middle school aged boys and started the Swampscott Youth Lacrosse (SYL) program. The original league consisted of players from Swampscott, Nahant and Marblehead to get enough players to fill the rosters.
The league grew and in its second year Tom and Rick expanded the offering to include a U12 squad. They looked to Tom's brother in law, Tom Driscoll, to take the head coaching job for the new team. Things were great and lacrosse was taking off in the area but most of the kids signing up were from Marblehead. A decision was made to change the name to Black and Blue Youth Lacrosse; taking one color from each town's high school colors for the name.
After a break from coaching, Driscoll returned to the BBYL in 1998 when his oldest son started to play at the U9 level. He stayed active in the league and encouraged the BBYL to keep all the Swampscott and Nahant players on one team at each level whenever possible. Tom enlisted the help of Joe DeSalvo (Swampscott) along with Paul Horgan and Gary Gregory (Marblehead) to put together their team. The group would stay together as the kids moved through the program and they eventually became known as the "D-Dogs"!
By the time the D-Dogs were ready for the U15 level in 2007, the Swampscott and Nahant participation had increased to 20% of BBYL numbers. Finally with enough kids to fill a complete roster, Tom Driscoll asked the BBYL for a team made up of only Swampscott and Nahant players - The Blue Wave was born. With participation numbers still rising in 2008 a U13 version of the Blue Wave was added.
Later that year Tom and BBYL president, Steve Maxwell began to establish the Swampscott Nahant Youth Lacrosse League. This effort fell right in line with one of the main goals of the MBYLL which is to grow and expand youth lacrosse. The rest of the BBYL board was behind the decision and the SNYL was established in 2009.
Tom Silva, Sean Dignan, Steve Cormier, Bob Baldwin, Chuck Popele, Melissa Kennedy, Sean and Luz Quirk and Mahlon Bradley joined Tom Driscoll in establishing The SNYL " Big Blue" program. In our first year we were able to field at least one team at the U9, U11, U13 and U15 levels of players from either Swampscott or Nahant.

The "Blue Wave" has made a comeback in the fall of 2013 as a U13 team practicing once a week and playing in two fall tournaments shows the year round interest in Lacrosse.