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SNYL DOES NOT and WILL NOT endorse any club that is posted on this site. This page is for informational purposes only.

If your child is interested in playing more or at a higher level than our town lacrosse program provides, this page is to help you see the different options available. Each child / family will need to determine on their own if the club is the right fit. The mission of the club, level, commitment required, cost and quality of coaches should all be considered before joining any club.

Most clubs play in tournaments, which typically offer multiple games in a day or over a weekend. There is often out of state travel as well. Tournaments can also vary from ultra competitive to a tiered system. Teams sometimes follow a grade based qualification or age based and will vary tournament to tournament. Some clubs you need to tryout for and others accept all if you are willing to pay.

SNYL supports those who want to put in more work, but not at the expense of our town season and league. Most clubs are good about supporting town lacrosse during the spring season, but playing time will be effected if you miss town practices and games for club lacrosse. 

We will start building out this page over the next few months to help those who have asked about available options or for those who are considering it now.