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Program Details: 

The U7 program focuses on basic skills, such as cradling, scooping, catching and throwing in a positive and fun environment. The program is available for both Pre-K and Kindergarten girls and boys and is kept in-town so that the focus is on skills without the pressure of competing and travel. The U7 program consists of six Sunday morning sessions. The sessions will be held at 8-9am at Phillips Park/Blocksidge Field. 

2022 SNYL U7 Dates (Pre-K and K):

  • Week 1 - Sunday April 24

  • Week 2 - Sunday May 1

  • Week 3 - Sunday May 8

  • Week 4 - Sunday May 15

  • Week 5 - Sunday May 22

  • (May 28-30 is Memorial Day Weekend)

  • Week 6 - Sunday June 5

Required Equipment: 

Girls: Stick, eye protection/goggles, mouth guard. A reversible pinnie will be provided. Sticks and eye protection are available (on loan) through SNYL. Please let us know if you would like to borrow equipment for the season.

Boys: The U7 program will use regulation lacrosse sticks. A helmet, gloves, elbow pads, chest protector/shoulder pads, and mouth guard are required. Contact at this level will be held to a minimum, i.e., there may be some incidental, but control over sticks will be closely monitored. A reversible pinnie will be provided.


Total of $80 per player for the season of which $40 is for insurance through MBYLL. The remainder of the fee is for our town field user fee, an SNYL reversible pinnie, and general equipment costs. 

Registration will be open until April 23rd, 2022.


We welcome any and all parent assistance for sessions. Please reach out to SNYL if you have any questions.



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